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Business Services at Delta Bpo Solutions


We at Delta Bpo Delhi, provide the start-up companies with the outsourcing of Consulting services, processes, development, and design of product strategy, back -end jobs, data entry jobs, data verification, outsourcing and structuring of associations for eCommerce, health, retail, government, and non-profit sectors.

Advisory services, training processes, outsourcing processes, orientation, and operational assistance to all those who want to start Business after lockdown.

We are also going to start with public administration in matters of strategy to bring products to market, negotiation of public-private alliances, implementation of tools and technological platforms for services financial, insurance, health, retail, government, and non-profit organizations.

Commercial and Professional Services by Delta BPO Solution:

We provide you with a platform that generates application for the financial service and even increase your sales on a professional level.

All of our employees will be a part of your Invest in business who come pre-trained with specific vertical capacity. They can provide you to reach out on the best possible way for achieving target goals through social media networking and hiring.

In addition to our experience in certain sectors, the development of activities over time in different clients has allowed us to be specialists in outsourcing services for typical processes of any sector. This is what we call Transversal BPO Services.

Dialogue and communication service by Delta BPO Delhi:

We also provide Telephone support services integrated with the entity's back office, which may include automated service bots to speed up response times. Thy is provided from integrated multichannel platforms (Voice IP, chat, email, SMS) to offer care services of the type:

·         Requests for information about products and services.

·         Claims management.

·         The first level of attention to technical incidents.

·         Maintenance of databases of clients/contacts.

·         Marketing campaigns.

Help Desk:

We have people with a technical profile to provide internal Help Desk services. We rely on innovative technologies to increase response and care effectiveness. In this surface, you can get:

·         Attention-Classification and resolution of Queries

·         Request management

·         Resolution of incidents in standard computer programs (office automation, ERP, ...)

·         Resolution of incidents in own products and applications.

·         Database maintenance of clients/contacts.

·         Maintenance of an inventory of applications and products.

Data Entry and Verification projects:

·         Services and products for document treatment, both on paper and in electronic format.

·         The entry of company data and information.

·         Verification and cross-checking of other main and other data.

Solutions and Platforms via technology:

Platforms for the development of applications and final solutions for New business opportunities. Our social media platforms like Delta Bpo Linkedin platforms allow you to develop solutions-oriented to operations processes, in a fast, safe, and robust way

We can help you with developing applications specific to field tasks to be used with a tablet or mobile. These tasks are inspections, reviews, maintenance, surveys. It does not require the continuous deployment of new versions as they are updated, since it uses a single app in viewer mode, where several business applications can coexist integrated. If you need to automate a simple business process without integrations, then Delta is the right choice.


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